Sep. 4th, 2010 03:01 am
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Today was a lot of fun. I got out of bed late, around noon, and took a quick walk around the neighbourhood before settling down to finish (start) D&D planning. The rest of the gang showed up around 3:30, and we went out hiking before we started the session. The hike itself was really fun, down the tracks and out along the creek to where it joins up with a larger creek. We found a couple of pawpaw trees with ripe fruit, and picked what we could. It's an odd taste, compared to other fruits, but they're pretty delicious once you get used to them.

After the hike was D&D, which went at least marginally better than last week. I'm starting to get bored with the mini-campaign, though, and really want to get back to the main campaign. Just a few more sessions and this one'll be over....
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So D&D was... well, I've never had a session get quite as derailed as this one did. There were supposed to be fights. There were none. We finished three hours earlier than planned. There were pot-brownies being fed to Umber Hulks, and the spontaneous creation of Bodhi, a fully-baked Dwarven dealer who was his own personal roving contact high. But, the gang seemed to have fun with it at least. I wish the evening had lasted longer, D&D or no, but the Doctor had to go home early and catch up on sleep before Faire tomorrow. But, we got to be goofy and try on various hats (as well as an errant lampshade) before she left, and I get to see her tomorrow, so that's something to look forward to.

Incidentally, I'll be wearing Steampunk garb to Faire, at least tomorrow, mainly because my normal garb's too hot to wear until it cools down a bit more. So I made a pretty snazzy bowtie out of some spare fabric I had lying around, which puts me another piece closer to a finished outfit. Now all I really need is to find some old welding goggles I can paint, and I'll have everything I need. Well, except a frock coat, but sadly that's beyond both my budget and my limited sewing skills. So goggles'll have to do.


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